Ferrari Dental Clinic headed by Dr. Habib Zarifeh is equipped with state of the art endodontic equipment to provide the patient with a fast and painless treatment.

Endodontics Technology

We focus on the single visit treatment, when applicable; sparing the patient the trouble of multiple visits to the clinic and speeding up his overall treatment.

Laser Endodontics:

Lase Endodontics at Ferrari Dental Clinic. Beirut - Lebanon

Generally, using the laser to complete an EndoLase procedure provides very conservative treatment of the anatomy of the inside of the tooth. The existing anatomy can easily be followed, and there is no need to enlarge the canal any more than necessary.

The Waterlase (ErCr:YSGG) MD Turbo is capable of root canal access, cleaning and shaping, endodontic surgery, and effective in the elimination of microorganisms.